Founding the Lodge

In the late 1950s some senior Masons in Chelmsford considered that there was a need for another lodge to serve the area.  

The leading lights in this proposition were W. Bros. Andrew Sievewright (Founding Treasurer and later Secretary) and Henry Gozzett (Founding Master), both of Springfield Lodge 3183, and Frank Rand (Founding Secretary and brother of Charles Rand) of Mayflower Lodge 7350.  They were supported by W. Bro. James (Jimmy) Hodge (Old Chelmsfordians 5499), Filly Fillingham (Maylands Lodge 5375), John Long of a London Lodge and who was also the Secretary of the Emulation Lodge of Improvement, Charles Rand of Mayflower Lodge and Henry Godden of Mayflower and Maylands Lodges.

It was agreed that Filly Fillingham was to be the Founding Senior Warden, John Long the Founding Junior Warden and Charles Rand the Founding Director of Ceremonies.  It was also agreed that Jimmy Hodge would be the Acting Immediate Past Master.

In addition there were some brethren who attended an Epping Lodge of Instruction meeting at Chelmsford, and as they found travelling to Epping difficult, were invited to become Founders.

Six local ‘junior’ Masons were also invited to become Founders, namely Bros. John Whatson, Ted Hyde, Dick Ockendon, Bill Liehen, Bill Docker and Ben Frost.

For nearly three years before the consecration of Boswells Lodge, frequent regular meetings of the Founders were held to discuss and decide the many matters which had to be determined before an application, with the support of a sponsoring lodge, could be made to Provincial Grand Lodge and Grand Lodge for a warrant to be granted.

Deciding when to meet

The Founders wanted the work of the Lodge to be unhurried and smartly carried out.  They felt that at each meeting only one degree should be worked. Also, being a new lodge, there was a need to build up and maintain adequate numbers, therefore it was agreed there should be six ‘degree’ meetings and an installation meeting each year.

Finding seven meetings on regular dates in the Chelmsford Masonic Hall diary from Monday to Friday proved to be impossible.  Consideration was given to alternative venues but these were rejected.

Finally, the Founders settled on meeting at the Chelmsford Masonic Hall, and reluctantly agreed to meeting on Saturdays.  Reluctantly, because many of the founders had family ties and were already involved in regular meetings of other Lodges.

In order to avoid too much of the weekend time being taken up, it was decided to have a festive board only on the two initiations in January and April, and the installation in September.

Initially, to enable members to fraternise on non-dining meetings, it was agreed to provide a snack after the meeting.  However, this did not prove popular as members gravitated to the County Hotel Bar instead.

Another factor in forming the meetings programme was to progress each candidate at consecutive meetings, apart from installation, through the three degrees.  This enabled candidates to play an early and active part in the running of the Lodge.  This far-sighted vision of the Founders has been accepted as good practice and forms the central plank of modern-day mentoring programmes.

Naming the Lodge

It was necessary to choose a name for the Lodge and as Springfield Lodge was to be the sponsor, and was providing four of the Founders, it was natural to look for some connection to the name Springfield.

W. Bro. E (Ted) A. Hyde, PPJGW was asked to undertake the project as not only was he a member of Springfield Lodge but also a member of staff of the Essex County Council Education Department.  With the assistance of the Assistant County Archivist, W. Bro. Ted was able to make a detailed search of the history of Springfield Parish.  A comprehensive account of this search is given in “A Founder’s Recollections of the Preparation for the Founding of Boswells Lodge No. 7759” written and presented to the Lodge in February 2000, by W. Bro. E.A. Hyde, PPJGW.

From the above research two possibilities were considered, “Springfield Boswells” and “Springfield Richards”.  “Springfield Boswells” was preferred, however it was subsequently realised that “Springfield” could not be adopted as it was already in use.  On the 30th November, 1959 “Boswells” was chosen.

The decision on the name naturally led to the question of the form of the Lodge Badge and a view of All Saints Church, Springfield, was chosen.  When the Badge design was submitted for approval there were some objections from either Provincial or Grand Lodge concerning the Bible and the date of consecration appearing on it.  However, the matter was eventually resolved to the satisfaction of the Lodge.

The Ritual

W. Bro. Frank Rand created the format of the ritual working, based upon the Emulation Ritual, and the archives show this was discussed at length, in fine detail, and eventually agreed upon following many meetings prior to the Consecration. 

The ritual adopted was taken from the Emulation Lodge Nigerian working, modified with Springfield and Mayflower Lodges’ working and possibly other lodges. Importantly, in the Inner Working of the Installation Ceremony it was agreed to introduce the ‘long working’. This was imported as a result of a visit by some of the senior Founders to one of the Saffron Walden Lodges, either Walden or Audley, to view their Installation working.

Boswells Installation Inner Working may be considered by some to be rather time-consuming, but the Founders decided that the Saffron Walden working was too long and deleted some of it!

Originally the Lodge had only one member from Scotland, but soon had several Scottish joining members.  As the January meeting fell around the date of Burns Night, the practice of making a Burns Night of it developed.  The January meeting, which is normally to work the Initiation Ceremony, has provided many Initiates with a memorable introduction to Freemasonry.

A further addition to the ceremonial, and considered a nice touch, was the decision that a Bible should be purchased by the Lodge on which the candidate would take his three degree obligations and have it presented to him on completing his third degree.

The form of ritual having been determined, the Lodge of Instruction was then able to learn the modified differences and prepare for action. Further commentary on the Lodge of Instruction is given below.

Although further amendments have evolved since that time, the foundation stone of Boswells ritual working was firmly laid and subsequently gained wide acclaim.  Perhaps one of the most notable procedures, sadly now discontinued, was the clothing of candidates in robes of innocence.

Founding Members

Initially, the Founders proposed that all members were to reside within a twelve mile radius of Chelmsford; however, for practical reasons this was relaxed.

The Founders’ fee was to be seventeen guineas and annual fee six guineas.  Initiation fee was set at twenty-five guineas and joining fee, eight guineas.  By comparison the current annual subscription  and country membership fees are £160 and £95 respectively.

Apart from the first Master and Senior and Junior Wardens, the Founders agreed that no other Founder, already an Installed Master at the date of founding, should occupy the Master’s Chair in order to progress current Junior Brethren to that high office.

The Consecration Ceremony

The Lodge was consecrated on 25th September 1961. On this day the Lodge was opened by the following Brethren of the sponsoring Lodge, Springfield No. 3183:

W.Bro.   C. F. J. Godfrey, PPGD W.M.
W.Bro.   F.H.W. Masters, PPGSuptWks. S.W.
W.Bro.   V. J. Cooper, Prov.GSuptWks J.W.
W.Bro.   C. Ormerod I.G.
W.Bro.   H. H. England, PAGDC, Prov. Asst. G. Sec I.P.M.

The Consecration Ceremony was undertaken by a delegation from the Provincial Grand Lodge of Essex. Presiding was W.Bro. Dr, A. G. Duncan, PGD., Deputy Provincial Grand Master, assisted by W.Bro. S. A. Williams, M.A., PGD., Assistant Provincial Grand Master. 

W. Bro. Dr. A.G. Duncan, Deputy Provincial Grand Master, entered in procession and assumed the Chair.  The Consecrating Officers were appointed as follows:

W.Bro.   C. G. T. Berridge, Prov. SGW S.W.
W.Bro.   F. G. Thornback, Prov. JGW. J.W.
W.Bro.   Rev. K. E. C. Williams, Prov.G.Chap. Chaplain
W.Bro.   A. Warriner, PGD., PPGW., Prov.G. Sec. Secretary
W.Bro.   G. P. Sutton, PAGDC., PPGW., Prov. GDC. D.C.
W.Bro.   K.C. Brown, Prov.GSwdB. Swd.B.
W.Bro.   E. Benjamin, PAGDC., PPGW., Prov.DepGDC A.D.C.
W.Bro.   E. P. Brice, M.A.,Mus.Doc, FRCO,DepGOrg, Prov.GOrg. Organist            
W.Bro.   H. H. England, PAGDC., PPGW, Prov.Asst.G.Sec. Asst.   Sec.
W.Bro.   G.B. Couzens, Prov. SGD. I.G.
W.Bro.   A.D. King, PPGD, Prov. G. Tyler Tyler

The ceremony included prayers, hymns, an anthem, and an oration.

Also, during the ceremony: 

  • incense was used,
  • corn (the symbol of plenty) was scattered,
  • wine (the symbol of joy and cheerfulness) was poured,
  • oil (the symbol of peace and unity) was spread, and
  • salt (the symbol of fidelity and friendship) was sprinkled.

After the Consecration, W.Bro. H. J. Gozzett, PPAGSuptWks. was installed as First Master of Boswells Lodge No. 7759.  Set out below is a list of Founders and first office holders:

W. Bro.   H.J. Gozzett, PPGW Worshipful   Master
W.Bro.   J Hodge, Acting   I.P.M.
W.Bro.   W. J. Fillingham, PPGSwdB. S.W.
W.Bro.   J. D. Long, J.W.
W.Bro.   A.M. Sievewright, Treasurer
W.Bro.   F.A.J. Rand, PPGD Secretary
W.Bro.   C.J.R. Rand, D.C.
Bro.   J.D. Whatson S.D.
Bro. E.   A. Hyde J.D.
W.Bro.   H. Godden A.D.C.
Bro. W.   E. Docker Asst. Sec.
Bro. R.   J. Ockendon I.G.
Bro. W.   H. J. Liehen Steward
Bro. B.   A. Frost Steward
Bro. E.   J. Smith Steward
W.Bro.   F. Clark, LGR. Tyler
Bro. R.   S. Pearce  
Bro. L.   W. Mackrow  

 [N.B. Masonic ranks at time of Consecration]

The Consecrating Officers were made Honorary Founders of the Lodge, including W. Bro. Gordon B. Couzens, a member of Old Chelmsfordians Lodge No 5499, who acted as the Consecrating Inner Guard. 

There were also 93 guests in attendance.

The Festive Board

The archives do not record the tenor of the speeches at the Festive Board, but we do know the Founders and their Guests dined well from the following menu:

 Prawns in Aspic 

Cream of Mushroom Soup

 Trout Breton Style

Veal Saltin Bocco

with Vegetables in Season

 Apricot Flan with Fresh Cream




The cost was £1.17.6d. (£1.87½) per head.

To this day the Brethren of Boswells Lodge take pride in the high standard of their Festive Board.

And so to work...

The first full meeting of the Lodge was held on Saturday 28th October 1961 when Leslie H. Manning was initiated.  Sidney H. Parish, who later became Secretary, was initiated at the following meeting on 25th November 1961, and ten years later was the first Initiate to become Master of the Lodge.

In 1964, former Treasurer, Bro. John D. Whatson became Master and was the first Founder to do so who had not previously been through the chair.

Another “first” was the Ladies Festival on Saturday 10th March 1962 when 99 sat down to dinner and had a most enjoyable evening

Lodge Furniture, Jewels and Working Tools

On 28th April 1962, W.Bro. R. S. Buck, Prov. GSW attended the Lodge and presented the Master’s Chain and Founders Jewels.  Although the first Officers had donated them they had not been produced in time for the Consecration.  The Master and Wardens also donated the Gauntlets.  At the same meeting W.Bro. T.G. Poulter, Worshipful Master of the Lodge of Integrity, presented a set of wands on behalf of his Lodge to mark the bond of friendship between the two Lodges.  Later still, on 26th October 1963, the Curator of the Grand Lodge Library and Museum gratefully acknowledged receipt of a Founders Jewel which had been suitably inscribed.

From the beginning, the Lodge of Good Fellowship kindly allowed Boswells to use their Lodge Furniture.  As time progressed, further equipment was provided by members.  W.Bro. Harry J. Gozzett presented a collection box which he had made in the form of a Lewis.  He also donated the Lodge Bible.  Bro. B. A. Frost donated the cushion, which had been made by his wife, for the Bible to rest upon.  W.Bro. Andrew M. Sievewright made a Ballot Box and the Extension Top for the Master’s Pedestal.

The Gavels, Columns and Heavy Maul were presented by W.Bro. Cecil Warren, who regrettably had been unable to become a Founder.  The Founding Tyler W. Bro. F. Clark presented the Lodge with Hymn Cards, while W.Bro. Keith A. Hannant presented the Lodge with a Silver Square and Pair of Compasses.

The Working Tools were given by the Lodge of Instruction and the Tripod, Ashlars and Tools displayed on the Wardens Pedestals by W.Bro. S. John Durand, W.Bro. Jim Carter and W.Bro. Ray E. Beaumont.

Bro. Gus Lucking (Funeral Director) had his craftsmen create the box that contains our working tools and then presented it to the Lodge.

In 1994 W. Bro. Eric Joslin, LGR, (Father-in-Law of W. Bro. Tom White, WM 1994) presented the Lodge with a set of ivory First Degree working tools.  In order to accommodate these exquisite tools, Bro. Gus Lucking modified the box housing the Working Tools.

The Candle Hoods were made and presented by Bro. John K. Downing, likewise the Candle Lighter/Snuffer by Bro. R. R. (Bob) Worthington and Bro. Jack West.  The Poignard was donated by Bro. Paul  A. Fisher.

Bro. Eddie H. Swingler was elected to become Master in 1976 but regrettably he died before he could achieve that office. However, his widow disclosed that it had been Bro. Eddie’s wish to purchase a set of Tracing Boards and she presented the Lodge with them, in his memory.

Another bequest was received in 1984 from the Executors of the Estate of W.Bro. Arthur H. Pilgrim in the sum of £500.  This was donated in his memory to the purchase of new Collars and towards the restoration of the Temple Organ. Whilst rejoicing with this beautifully restored Organ, it is interesting to record that Boswells Lodge was first involved with repairs to this Organ, when, on 24th February 1962 it was called upon to contribute £4.15.0d. (£4.75).

A replacement Heavy Maul was presented to the Lodge by W.Bro. W. Vicker, W.Bro. A. I. Shepherd and W.Bro. R. Horley. 

A Deacons wand was presented to the Lodge by W. Bro. S. J. Whatson and an Assistant Director of Ceremonies wand was presented to the Lodge by W. Bro. L. C. Davine.

W.Bro. B. M. Bowles presented an Alms bag to the Lodge.

On saturday 24th September 2016, W.Bro George Lambeth presented a new VSL to the Lodge which he had had restored, and a Deacon and Director of Ceremonies wands were presented to the Lodge by W.Bro Dennis May.

Banner Dedication – 24th October 1998 

 On Saturday 24th October 1998, the Lodge celebrated the dedication of the Lodge Banner. The decision to obtain a banner came as a result of a bequest to the Lodge by W.Bro. Henry Godden, PPSGD, who had been a member for 34 years and had helped to found the Lodge.

The design of the banner is based on that of the Lodge badge painted onto a pale blue material.  Much hard work on the banner was performed by a sub-committee of the General Purposes Committee and especially by Bro. Andrew Johnson.

Amongst the guests present at the meeting were W.Bro. C. G. Williams, PSGD, Assistant Provincial Grand Master, W.Bro. C. G. Taylor, ProvAsstGChap, who gave the prayers and delivered a brief history of the Lodge, and W.Bro. P. E. Holland, ProvGDC,  who directed the dedication ceremony and provided invaluable instruction sessions at the Lodge of Instruction meetings prior to the Lodge meeting.

W.Bro. Gordon Finlay was Master of the Lodge and the evening also saw Bro. Nick Obolewicz being passed to the Second Degree.

The Banner Party consisted of:

Banner Bearer W.Bro. Ron Horley
DC W.Bro.Ian Lovie,  PPGStdB
ADC W.Bro. Andrew Shepherd, PPAGDC
Senior Deacon Bro. Dennis May
Junior Deacon Bro. Adrian Hopkins
Bro. Martin Bates Bro. Nick Jackson Bro. Bryan Martin
Bro. Andrew Johnson Bro. Richard Reeve Bro. Frank Cecchini
Bro.Peter Embling Bro. Don McKillop  

[N.B. Masonic ranks at time of Banner dedication]

Following the meeting, Henry’s widow, Mrs Happy Godden and other wives, joined the Brethren in a special banquet during which the banner was proudly displayed.

At a cost of £20, the banquet menu consisted of:

 Melon and seasonal fruits with raspberry coulis

Breast of chicken with fresh orange and curacao sauce, vegetables.

Summer pudding and cream

Coffee and mints 

A great evening was had by all.


The Lodge has been particularly fortunate as in each period of its life there has always been a nucleus of enthusiastic members who have ensured a continuity of its spirit.  It is not possible to include them all, but a mention is made of some below: 

W. Bro. Andrew Sievewright was the Founder Treasurer and later Secretary of the Lodge.  His hard work and sincere concern ensured the continued well-being of the Lodge, which brought respect from all the Brethren.

If Springfield was the Mother Lodge, W.Bro. Frank Rand, Founder Secretary, was the Father.  It was he who planted the seed and nurtured the new born Boswells Lodge with total dedication and without paying heed to his own failing health.

It could truly be said that without W.Bro. Frank, Boswells Lodge would not exist.  During a meeting of the General Purposes Committee at Freemasons Hall, Chelmsford on Thursday 5th September 1963, W.Bro. Frank collapsed and died; a desperate shock to all those present and a tragic loss to the Lodge of one who had done so much towards its creation.

W. Bro. Charles Rand, the Founder Director of Ceremonies and Preceptor of the Lodge of Instruction.  For many years he dedicated himself to ensuring that the highest standards of ceremonial were maintained.  The Brethren of Boswells Lodge owe him a great debt of gratitude for his guidance and support, and they rejoiced when, in 1980, he became Master of the Lodge.   He was also honoured by Grand Lodge and appointed PGStB, and by Provincial Grand Lodge as P.P.G.W.

W.Bro. James (Jimmy) Hodge was Almoner to Boswells Lodge for many years and appointed to Grand Rank - PGStB (subsequently promoted to PAGDC) and Provincial Grand Rank – PPJGW.

W.Bro. Richard (Dick) J. Ockendon assisted Charles Rand as Assistant Director of Ceremonies and then succeeded him as Director of Ceremonies.  W. Bro. Dick Ockendon served the Province of Essex with great distinction as a Prov. Dep. GDC and subsequently promoted to PPSGW.  He was also appointed to active Grand Rank AGDC (subsequently promoted to PJGD).  His contribution to our Lodge has been no less impressive.  As a Founder he played a significant part in the formation and development of the Lodge.  Having served as Worshipful Master and IPM he set about passing on his very considerable knowledge to others, particularly the junior brethren at the Lodge of Instruction (see Lodge of Instruction).  Although his attention to detail was impressive his instruction to others was not in any way intimidating, but helpful and instructive.   It may be argued that whilst others played a pivotal role in founding the Lodge, it was Dick who became the driving force for raising standards of ceremonial and personal achievement – the extensive list of members appointed to Active Provincial Office is testament to that!  

W.Bro. Harry J. Gozzett, the First Master, was a Lewis.  He was a firm disciplinarian who set a pattern of excellence, but was forever a perfect gentleman and most helpful to all.  He was also Chaplain of Boswells Lodge for a number of years as well as D.C. of Springfield Lodge and Essex Chapter.

On Saturday 22nd September 1962 W.Bro. Harry Gozzett installed his successor having made a precise declaration, as required by Grand Lodge, authorising the Extended Ceremony of Installation, which remains in use in Boswells Lodge to this day. 

Keeping it in the Family

In 1986 the son of W.Bro. H. Downing (Master 1977), Bro J. K. Downing, was installed as Master.

In 1990 the son of W.Bro. W. Shepherd (Master 1973), Bro. A. I. Shepherd was installed as Master.

In September 2006 W. Bro. L. C. Davine, as Master, invested his Father, Bro. J. Davine as his SW and his brother, W. Bro. N. J. Davine as JW.  The following year, W. Bro. J. Davine installed his son, W.Bro. N. J. Davine as SW, with his other son, W. Bro. L. C. Davine invested as IPM.

In September 2009, Bro. S.J. Whatson,  son of W. Bro. J.D. Whatson, PPJGW (a Founder), was installed as Master.

On September 25th  2010  Bro. D. C. Moore, who is the son-in-law of W.Bro. W. Vicker, became our 50th Master.

On saturday 26th January 2013, W.Bro. David Pavitt Iinitiated his son, Bro Daniel Pavitt. He also passed and Raised him on subsequent meetings.

On Saturday 27th January 2017, W.Bro. Mark Evans initiated his son, Bro Fred Evans. He also passed and Raised him on subsequent meetings.

Charitable Donations and Social Functions

Masonic and non-Masonic charities have always had the full support of the members who have faithfully practiced that virtue which may justly be denominated the distinguishing characteristic of a Freemason’s heart.

In support of the 2000 Festival the Lodge donated generously and received the Essex Festival 2000 Gold Award.  Again, for the 2011 Festival the Lodge generously supported the Province and in recognition of this achievement was recognised as an Essex Grand Charity Grand Patron 2011.

The Ladies Festivals have for many years been a great success in the Lodge social calendar. These functions have not only provided an opportunity for enjoyment in a relaxed environment in the company of our ladies, but have also raised in excess of £10,000 for national and local charities since 1998.
The recipients of our charitable donations have been: 

British Heart   Foundation Parkinsons   Research Teenage Cancer   Trust
BroomfieldStroke Unit RNLI Cancer Research   X2
Helen Rollason   Cancer Charity Little Haven X2 British Epilepsy   Soc
EssexCountyForum EssexAir Ambulance The MS Society.

Other social events include a very popular Lodge of Instruction Quiz Night held prior to Christmas, a camping weekend and BBQs. 

All the above social activities, coupled with seven formal Lodge meetings each year and a weekly Lodge of Instruction between September and April produces a friendly ‘family’ atmosphere appealing to a wide range of interests.


Given the close ‘family’ atmosphere of Boswells it was natural for the Lodge to embrace the concept of mentoring.  This was to ensure that all members, from those considering joining Freemasonry to those that have enjoyed many years of membership, are ‘looked after’ and made to feel valued.

Accordingly, in 2009 the then Worshipful Master, W. Bro. Stephen Whatson, appointed W. Bro. Trevor Ducker as the first Lodge Mentor.

The Lodge of Instruction (LoI)

It is unfortunate that records of the LoI prior to 1973 are unobtainable.  It is however clear from the outset that the LoI has, and continues to be, the foundation upon which the Lodge and all its ceremonial and social activities have been built.

It is also clear from the records available that W. Bros Ted Hyde, Dick Ockendon and John Long, as Preceptors, must take credit for the excellent standards of ceremonial work produced in the early years of the Lodge.  

These high standards have been transmitted from generation to generation by Preceptors that have served with dedication, commitment and skill to encourage junior brethren.  

A full list of Preceptors is included in Appendix A.  It would be an enviable task to single out any particular Preceptor as the list of years service to this important office is self-explanatory. However, it would be remiss not to mention the contribution of W. Bro. Bill Vicker, who has given since 1997, and continues to give, such valuable service to the LoI, as a Preceptor. 

As stated in ‘Members’ above W. Bro. Richard (Dick) Ockendon’s experience and influence over the members of the LoI has provided a lasting legacy which is evident today. Having served the LoI as Preceptor for ten years Dick was presented with a sherry decanter by the members of the LoI as a mark of esteem and appreciation of his services.  Dick continued to attend and play an active role in the LoI regularly up until his untimely death in 2000.

At the outset there was much searching for a suitable venue for the LoI and on 31st October 1960 the Founders moved their meeting place to “King William IV”, a public house inNew Street.  Subsequent locations have included, St. Mary’s Church Hall Great Baddow, Cock and Bell public house Writtle, Freemasons’ Hall Chelmsford and the Oddfellows Hall Chelmsford.

The Lodge has retained a Lodge of Instruction throughout its existence.  The LoI currently meets weekly from September to April at the Day Centre, Legg  Street, Chelmsford and is attended by enthusiastic brethren supported by experienced and knowledgeable past masters under the direction of the Preceptors.

In addition to the charitable activities of the Lodge, referred to above, the LoI has made a very significant contribution to local and national Masonic and non-masonic charities. There are charity collections at each LoI meeting. The Christmas Social at which wives, partners and family members attend has been a successful social and charitable event. Since 1993 a total of £13,246.74 has been raised and donated to the following:


Age Concern British Epilepsy   Association Broomfield Hospital EEG Appeal
Farleigh Hospice Epileptic Society Little Haven  Childrens’ Hospice
McMillan Nurses RNLI Broomfield Stroke Unit
NSPCC MS Society C.H.A.R.M.S.
MENCAP Essex Air Ambulance  


Hamilton Court RMBI Essex Provincial   Charity Duke of Kent Court

1986 and beyond

As referred to in the ‘Acknowledgements’, events leading up to the consecration and covering the first twenty five years were most ably researched and presented by W. Bro. Ted Hyde and W. Bro. Ron Duggan respectively, to whom the Lodge owes a great debt of gratitude.  The second twenty five years from 1986 to 2011 has seen the Lodge develop and adapt to the changes in society.

Sadly, we have lost a number of eminent members to the Grand Lodge above, notably W. Bro. E.A. (Ted) Hyde, PPJGW, one of our Founders, who died in July 2011.

On a positive note the Lodge continues to attract men from all walks of life who are keen to experience this very special way of life that we so often take for granted.  It is clear from the enthusiasm of our members, particularly those that have been honoured by Provincial and Grand Rank, that the Lodge has made a significant contribution to the Province of Essex and Freemasonry in general.

In recent years the Lodge has established a close relationship with Sibelius Lodge No. 9448. To cement the relationship there is considerable inter-visiting and our Lodge has performed ceremonies for Sibelius Lodge at times when we have not had a candidate of our own.

The 50th Anniversary meeting, which was held on Saturday 22nd October 2011 at the Masonic Hall Chelmsford, was honoured by the presence of VW. Bro. Peter Holland, PGSwdB, Deputy Provincial Grand Master, accompanied by W. Bro. Kenneth Birnie, PSGD, Assistant Provincial Grand Master and W. Bro. Peter Hollingsworth, Provincial Deputy Grand Director of Ceremonies.

It was perhaps fitting that VW Bro. Peter Holland, should be our principal guest to celebrate the 50th anniversary as it was he, in his capacity as Deputy Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies, who guided and assisted our members through the ceremonial procedures of the Banner Dedication in 1998, see above.  The Banner is proudly displayed at all our meetings.

We have also been honoured by the presence of Assistant Provincial Grand Masters who have made official visits to our Lodge in recent years, namely W. Bro. C.G. Williams PDepGSwdB, W. Bro. A.J. Helliar PSGD, W. Bro. K.A. Birnie, PSGD, W. Bro Nigel Catchpole PSGD and, W. Bro Paul Reeves PAGDC.

We are grateful to all these worthy and distinguished brethren for their presence at our meetings and for providing advice and guidance on a range of issues over many years. 

The 50th Anniversary meeting commenced with the 51st Worshipful Master, W. Bro. Michael Gill, being processed into the temple.  The Lodge was opened and the minutes of the meeting, held on Saturday 24th September 2011, were confirmed as a true record.

The Worshipful Master invested those brethren who were unable to attend the Installation meeting.

W. Bro. Peter Hollingsworth, Provincial Deputy Director of Ceremonies, entered the Lodge and requested that a procession of Grand and Provincial Grand Officers be formed in order to receive the Deputy Provincial Grand Master, VW. Bro. Peter Holland, PGSwdB.

The Deputy Provincial Grand Master processed into the Lodge and was welcomed by the Worshipful Master. The Deputy Provincial Grand Master was saluted in accordance with his rank.

W. Bro. Stephen Whatson, PPGPurs, presented the Lodge History.

To mark the occasion of the Lodges’ 50th Anniversary, the Worshipful Master, W. Bro. Mike Gill, presented a cheque to the Deputy Provincial Grand Master in order to support the charity of his choice.

Having completed the business set out on the summons the Lodge was closed in peace and harmony.

After the meeting the assembled brethren sat down to enjoy the festive board at a cost of £35 per head.

Leek and Potato Soup

Rump Steak Braised in Red Wine

with Mushrooms, Bacon, Onion and New Potatoes

Strawberry Cream Roulade with Raspberry Sauce

Cheese Board



[The Lodge is grateful to Mrs Lindsey Moore for designing and producing the 50th Anniversary Banquet Menu Cards to such a high standard.]

In 2016 the Lodge becomes the 70th UGLE University Scheme Lodge for students and faculty members from Chelmsford Anglia Ruskin campus.

At the Installation meeting of W.Bro Mark Evans on Saturday 24th September 2016, we were honoured to have the prescence of the PGM W.Bro Rodney Lister Bass who attended especially to witness the extended inner workings that are performed in the Lodge.

On Saturday 22nd April 2017, we initiated Bro. Matt Fossey, our first faculty member from the Anglia Ruskin University, this was a result of the Lodge joining the UGLE Universtites Scheme.

At the meeting on Saturday 28th October 2017, the Lodge voted for the Lodge to support the cost of the LoI meetings.

At the installation meeting on Saturday 25th September 2021 we installed W. Bro. Jack Saunders as our 61st Master. Jack was the first member to be installed who had made contact with the Lodge via the Lodge web site. He was Initaited into the Lodge and Freemasonry 8 years before.

Looking back, it is clear that the Lodge has made a notable contribution to the Craft in Chelmsford and the Province of Essex, to which it proudly belongs as part of the United Grand Lodge of England.  It has demonstrated high standards of ceremonial work, undertaken work for other lodges, donated generously to Masonic and non-masonic charities and offered warm hospitality to all visitors.

The future will see changes, possibly at an increasing pace, some of which will no doubt be challenging and require the Lodge to adapt to new circumstances in ways not yet anticipated.   Nevertheless, if it continues to endeavour to serve the Craft as it has in the past and to provide a focus for improving the knowledge and the fellowship of Essex Masons, the future should be assured.

The History of the Lodge is a record for looking back, and for celebration, reflection, and for resolution to carry on the traditions of the past. Not in an unthinking way, but with sensible adaptation of them to the changing needs of the years ahead.

May the G.A.O.T.U. enable present and future members to meet the challenge worthily and in a way that the founders of our Lodge would have been proud.



Appendix A – Holders of Supporting Offices

Brethren Appointed to and Promoted within Grand Rank

W. Bro. Charles Rand * PGStB 1978
W. Bro. James Hodge * PGStB                                    PAGDC 1977         1987  
W. Bro. Richard Ockendon * AGDC                                       PJGD 1981         1989
W. Bro. John Long * PGStB 1989
W. Bro. Bryan Bowles PAGDC 2003
W. Bro. Peter Cook

PGStdB                                    PAGDC

2003        2013

* Deceased    

Brethren Appointed and Promoted to Active Provincial Ranks

W. Bro. H. Godden ProvAGSwdB 1969
W. Bro. J.D. Long ProvAGStB 1971
W. Bro. E.A. Hyde ProvJGD 1973
W. Bro. R.J. Ockendon ProvAGDC                 ProvDepGDC                      ProvSGW 1975         1983-85      1988
W. Bro. B.M.   Bowles ProvAGDC                          ProvJGW 1990         2008
Bro. P.R. Hill ProvGPurs 1993
W. Bro. A.I. Shepherd ProvAGDC 1997
W. Bro. G.M. Finlay ProvGStwd                    ProvAGDC                       ProvGSwdB 2000         2004         2008
W. Bro. N.J. Davine ProvGStwd 2002
W. Bro.S.J  Whatson ProvGPurs 2004
W. Bro. D. May ProvGStwd                       ProvAGDC 2006         2010
W. Bro. L.C. Davine ProvGStwd 2008
W. Bro. David Pavitt ProvJDC 2018


W. Bro. A.M. Sievewright 1961-1964
W. Bro. H. Godden 1964-1967
W. Bro. E.A. Hyde 1967-1974
W. Bro. J.D. Whatson 1974-1991
Bro. P.R. Hill 1991-2001
W. Bro. S.J. Whatson 2001-2007
W. Bro. C.S. Bryan 2007-2012
W. Bro. G. M. Finlay 2012-to date


W. Bro. F.A.J. Rand 1961-1963
W. Bro. J. Hodge 1963-1964
W. Bro. A.M. Sievewright 1964-1974
W. Bro. S.H. Parish 1974-1985
W. Bro. D. Curtis 1985-1992
W. Bro. R.E. Beaumont 1992-1998
W. Bro. R. Horley 1998-2005
W. Bro. A.S. Hopkins 2005-2016
W. Bro. G. Lambeth 2016-2018
W. Bro. A. Shepherd 2018-to date


Directors of Ceremonies

W. Bro. C.J.R. Rand 1961-1978
W. Bro. R.J. Ockendon 1978-1982
W. Bro. R.A. Duggan 1982-1991
W. Bro. B.M. Bowles 1991-1997
W. Bro. I.S. Lovie 1997-2002
W. Bro. W. Vicker 2002-2012
W. Bro. D. May 2012-2017
W. Bro. L Davine 2017-to date



W. Bro. H.J. Gozzett 1963-1964
W. Bro. J. Hodge 1964-1981
W. Bro. S.J. Durand 1981-1987
W. Bro. R.T. Auston 1987-1988
W. Bro. R. Taylor 1988-1989
W. Bro. G.C. Lambeth 1989-1994
W. Bro. I.R. Bush 1994-1995
W. Bro. R. Horley 1995-1998
W. Bro. R.E. Beaumont 1998-2008
W. Bro. A.I. Shepherd 2008-2012
W. Bro. W. Vicker 2012-2016
W. Bro. T. Ducker


W. Bro. A.E Shepherd

2021-to date


Charity Stewards

W. Bro. W.H.J. Liehen 1976-1979
W. Bro. R.F. Escott 1979-1988
Bro. P.R. Hill 1988-1991
W. Bro. C.S. Bryan 1991-1997
W. Bro. W. Vicker 1997-2001
W. Bro. G.P. March 2001-2011
W. Bro. B.A. Martin 2011-2021
W. Bro. D.C. Moore 2021-to date


Preceptors of the Lodge of Instruction

W. Bro. C.J.R. Rand 1961-1978
W. Bro. R.J. Ockendon 1973-1983
W. Bro. J.D. Long 1977-1987
W. Bro. J.D. Carter 1977-1987
W. Bro. H. Downing 1978-1986
W. Bro. S.J. Durand 1983-1986
W. Bro. R.E. Beaumont 1986-1992
W. Bro. B.M. Bowles 1987-1997
W. Bro. R.T.W. Auston 1987-1988
W. Bro. R.A. Duggan 1988-1991
W. Bro. I.S. Lovie 1991-2002
W. Bro. A.I. Shepherd 1992-1995
W. Bro. I.R. Bush 1995-2001
W. Bro. R. Horley 1995-1997
W. Bro. W. Vicker 1997-2012
W. Bro. G.P. March 2001-2004
W. Bro. P.D. Cook 2001-2006
W. Bro. D. May 2004-2017
W. Bro. S. Whatson 2012-2015
W. Bro. D . Moore 2013-to date
W. Bro. D. Pavitt 2015-to date
W. Bro. L. Davine 2017-to date


Secretaries/Treasurers of the Lodge of Instruction

W. Bro. S.H. Parish 1973-1975
W. Bro. W. Shepherd 1975-1976
W. Bro. R.F. Escott 1976-1980          1987-1988
W. Bro. R.E. Beaumont 1980-1986
W. Bro. B.M. Bowles, PAGDC 1986-1987
W. Bro. J.F.C. Werrell 1988-1991
W. Bro. C.S. Bryan 1991-1995
W. Bro. T.H. White 1995-2004
W. Bro. G.P. March 2004-to date

 Appendix B – Past Masters of the Lodge

1 W. Bro. H. J. Gozzett 1961 F D
2 W. Bro. W. J. Fillingham 1962 F D
3 W. Bro. J. D. Long 1963 F D
4 W. Bro. J. D. Whatson 1964 F D
5 W. Bro. E. A. Hyde 1965 F D
6 W. Bro. W. H. J. Liehen 1966 F D
7 W. Bro. R. J. Ockendon 1967 F D
8 W. Bro. W. E. Docker 1968 F R
9 W. Bro. B. A. Frost 1969 F D
10 W. Bro. D. Cook 1970   D
11 W. Bro. S. H. Parish 1971   D
12 W. Bro. K. A Hannant 1972   D
13 W. Bro. W. Shepherd 1973   D
14 W. Bro. J. D. Carter 1974   D
15 W. Bro. D. Curtis 1975   D
16 W. Bro. R. F. Escott 1976   R
17 W. Bro. H. Downing 1977   D
18 W. Bro. R. E. Beaumont 1978   D
19 W. Bro. S. J. Durand 1979   D
20 W. Bro. C. J. R. Rand 1980 F D
21 W. Bro. F. Walton 1981   D
22 W. Bro. G. G. Fenbow 1982   R
23 W. Bro. B. M. Bowles 1983    
24 W. Bro. G. I. Blagrove 1984   R
25 W. Bro. R. T. W. Auston 1985   D
26 W. Bro. J. K. Downing 1986   R
27 W. Bro. J. L. Mate 1987   D
28 W. Bro. W. E. Wright 1988   D
29 W. Bro. I. S. Lovie 1989    
30 W. Bro. A. I. Shepherd 1990    
31 W. Bro. I. R. Bush 1991    
32 W. Bro. R. Horley 1992   H
33 W. Bro. W. Vicker 1993    
34 W. Bro. T. H.White 1994    
35 W. Bro. B. T. Porter 1995    
36 W. Bro. J. F. C. Werrell 1996   D
37 W. Bro. G. P. March 1997    
38 W. Bro. G. M. Finlay 1998    
39 W. Bro. C. S. Bryan 1999    
40 W. Bro. N. J. Davine 2000    
41 W. Bro. D. May 2001    
42 W. Bro. A. S. Hopkins 2002    
43 W. Bro. M. N. Bates 2003    
44 W. Bro. B. A. Martin 2004    
45 W. Bro. P. R. Embling 2005   R
46 W. Bro. L. C. Davine 2006    
47 W. Bro. J. Davine 2007    
48 W. Bro. P. D. Cook 2008    
49 W. Bro. S. J. Whatson 2009    
50 W. Bro. D. C. Moore 2010    
51 W. Bro. M. Gill 2011    
52 W. Bro. D. Pavitt 2012    
53 W. Bro. A. I. Shepherd 2013    
54 W. Bro. T. Ducker 2014    
55 W. Bro. M. N. Bates 2015    
56 W. Bro. M. D. Evans 2016    
57 W. Bro. D. May 2017    
58 W. Bro. S. Causer, 2018    
59 W. Bro. G. C. Lambeth 2019    
60 W. Bro. G. C. Lambeth 2020   Reinstalled due to the Coronavirus pandemic
61 W. Bro. J Saunders 2021    
  F Founder; H Honorary; D Deceased; R Resigned      

Appendix C – Officers of the Lodge 2010 – 2011

W. Bro. D. C. Moore 50th   Master
Bro. J. West S.W.
Bro. M. Gill J.W.
W. Bro. T.H. White, PPDepGSwdB Chaplin
W. Bro. C.S. Bryan, PPGSwdB Treasurer
W. Bro. A. S. Hopkins, PPAGDC Secretary
W. Bro. W. Vicker, PPSGD D.C.
Bro. D. Pavitt S.D.
Bro. S. Saville J.D.
W.Bro. G. P. March, PPAGReg. Charity Steward
W. Bro. A. I. Shepherd, PPSGD Almoner
W. Bro. D. May, ProvAGDC A.D.C.
W. Bro. K. Anderson, PPSGD Organist
W. Bro. I. R. Bush, PPSGD Assistant Secretary
Bro. D. Spooner Inner Guard
Bro. C. Cottee Steward
Bro. G. Phillips Steward
Bro. T. Todd Steward
Bro. M. Evans Steward
Bro. S. Mansfield Steward
Bro. C. Cottee Tyler
W. Bro. S.J. Whatson, PPGPurs I.P.M.
W. Bro. T. Ducker Lodge Mentor

[N.B. Masonic ranks at time of Banner dedication]

Appendix D - Genealogical Table

Good   Fellowship276[1789]
Springfield3183[1906] Integrity   5149[1929] Ingatestone   5167[1930] Old   Chelmsfordian 5499[1934] East   Saxon 7053[1950] Daen   Ingas 7951[1963]
Boswells 7759[1961]   Stonewell   9137[1984]